Stamp topics and dissing on Batman

On the various philatelic discussion forums, the subject of stamp topics arises from time to time. It seems to coincide with a stamp release that is likely to have some pretty insane popularity.

In 2014 the topic came up again. A set of stamps depicting Batman were being released by the U.S. Postal Service and some collectors were none to happy about it. Probably mostly stodgy collectors.

stamp topics


The stamps are listed as Scott #4928-4935. It contains forever stamps, a souvenir sheet, and first day covers. They depict Batman as he was pictured in four different eras of comic books.

The stamps were issued to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Caped Crusader and I’m certain there was no intention to set off a debate on stamp topics, but hey, what are collectors going to do?

First appearing in the comic book Detective Comics #27, which hit newsstands March 30, 1939, featuring artwork by Bob Kane and a script by Bill Finger, Batman emerged from the shadows to become the one of the world’s most popular Super Hero and dominate media. In feature films, television shows, radio, video games, publishing and merchandise, this most human of Super Heroes has battled some of fiction’s greatest villains using his intellect, cunning and an arsenal of gadgets to further his quest for justice.

My thoughts

There is something to the debate on stamp topics. The United States, like a lot of countries, issues A LOT of postage stamps every year. I mean a lot.

One of the chief complaints is that collecting everything the U.S. issues each year – forever stamps, airmail, semi-postals, all types of varieties and denominations, covers, and more. It is insane and collecting everything the USPS issues in a year is financially a near impossibility for most people.

Then there are just the grouch-heads. Why in the world would we issue a Batman stamp? Who needs Harlem Renaissance stamps? Dinosaur stamps? Come on!

Really, Batman was not controversial when it comes to stamp topics. There have been some truly controversial ones over the years.

Sometimes, philatelic things just interest me. They don’t find a home in my specialized collections, but they mean something to me none-the-less.

But for me, as grumpy stamp collectors grumped away about a Batman stamp, I had one simple response.

Batman was my favorite superhero when I was a boy. Now at 51, he still is, but to be honest Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman could over take him. But he was my favorite, and I picked up everything the USPS issued related to Batman.

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