The Christkindl joy at Christmas

The collecting of Christkindl covers is a fairly popular sub-specialty of people who collect stamps related to Christmas.

I have a few and they are beautiful.

Christkindl. So there are a couple of definitions here.

Christkind (or Christkindl) is the traditional gift-giver in Austria and other regions in the area (think Santa Clause). It also means Christ child. In addition, there are Christmas markets around the world that use the name.

It is also the name of a small village of Austria, near Steyr, in the mountains.

Once a year, around Christmas, the Christkindl post office opens and offers a special – and usually beautiful and religious focused – postmark for people to obtain. You can send covers to Austria and for a small fee, have a Christkindl postmark affixed. Here are instructions.

If you want more information, there is quite a bit of information on the website of the Christmas Philatelic Club. Yes, there is a club of stamp collectors who specialize in Christmas-related stamps.

My Christkindl

I have quite a large number of Christkindl covers. The religious imagery and the sheer beauty of the postmarks are appealing to me.

They also tend to be the covers that attract most people who actually take time to view my collection. The postmarks are simply beautiful and it is unique.

The Christkindl covers are not overly valuable or expensive. A couple bucks each. They are also not too hard to obtain. I’ve readily found them at stamp shows and there are usually quite a large number listed on eBay.

The challenge is finding variety in postmarks as well as finding ones that have been postally used to actually mail letters. All the examples I’ve shown here have actually been used in the mail.

Like my Norman Rockwell Scout Covers, they aren’t overly valuable but really add to my collection.


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