Robert E. Howard and the station cancellation

Like many, my first exposure to Robert E. Howard was through his character, Conan the Barbarian.

There was a set of 12 books, not all written by creator Robert E. Howard, but I devoured them in days when I was maybe 14 or 15. What was critical was they were a different than Lord of the Rings, which I loved. It opened a whole new fantasy world to me, quite different from the epic or high fantasy I’d been reading.

It didn’t take long for Solomon Kane to take over as my favorite Robert E. Howard character, though I still have much love for Conan. And while Howard is the creator of sword and sorcery fiction, I also have a very soft spot for his horror fiction.

Robert E. Howard and Texas

Cross Plains, Texas, was home for Robert E. Howard. Project Pride of Cross Plains purchased the author’s home and converted it to a museum and now, in June, they hold Robert E. Howard Days.

Of course, with Covid19, 2020 has been cancelled, but the annual event celebrates the life and work of Robert E. Howard with panels, activities, torus, and a celebration dinner.

Obtaining their annual special postmark cancellations is always fun for me.

Robert E. Howard
The 2015 Pictorial Postmark features the image of Howard and contemporary H.P. Lovecraft, with whom he had an extensive correspondence.
What the 2020 Pictorial Postmark would have been.

Philatelically speaking

There’s really not much out there philatelically speaking for fans of Robert E. Howard or his characters.

You can usually find three or four covers, with the Robert E. Howard Days pictorial cancels with some very nice artwork. Also, there seems to be a Republic of Mali stamp (probably “wallpaper”) depicting several celebrities including Arnold Schwarzenegger from his Conan the Barbarian movie days.

It’s a far cry different from my collection of US Coast Guard postal history, but still makes a good study.

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